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Why not celebrate your birthday with a special treat on the train.

Now you can have your child's birthday at the Brockwell Park Miniature Railway, and make their day that extra special.

You can hire out the train for our special price and have unlimited rides for your guests. There's no limit to how many guests you bring or for how long you want the train for.


£50 for 30 mins or

£90 for 1 hour

then £30 per 30 mins thereafter.


£10 for table

Unfortunately we are unable to offer the Gazebo or the Steam Engine anymore.


Availability for the train is on Sundays only as our volunteers work during the week. There is no deposit required for Sunday bookings.


To book or to check availability please contact us by emailing:


Please leave your name, contact details, Child's name, date and time you want to book and estimated number of guests.

You can even book us for photography and filming events, or group visits. (Terms and conditions apply)


Please be aware that we may take a few days to respond to emails as we like to make sure that we have enough help on requested days before responding.


Please note: We are unable to offer any weekday or Saturday hire (including term time or holiday time) due to our helpers having Monday to Saturday jobs.

We are really sorry


Terms & Conditions

The train can only be booked on Sundays during our operating season, March to October. Booking is subject to staff and train availability.


The BPMR have the right to cancel or amend any changes without notice due to the weather or circumstances out of our control, but we'll do our best to avoid this.


We are an outdoor activity and are dependent on the weather. We can operate in the cold, in light rain or drizzle however we can't operate in persistent or heavy rain or snow (it has happened!!)

Sunday bookings may operate with a second train being used alongside our public services. We'll give each train equal priority.


If no second train is available for a Sunday booking, then the railway reserves the right to temporary close the railway to the public during non-busy periods for bookings of 1 hour or less.


Or if no second train is available for a Sunday booking, we will reserve a carriage on the public train for the soul use of the party.


Whilst you have booked the train for the time period required, the number of trips along the line, and the number of guests carried from your birthday party is unlimited.


Unfortunately the Steam Engine suffered damage after we were unable to access it during the Lockdown, as a result is has now been retired from service and returned to its owner for private use.


Due to local park bylaws please do not bring any tents, or gazebos as these are not allowed in the park. We can no longer offer our own gazebo for hire.


Please remember that we are located in a public park, please no BBQ's or open fires.


All party guests who travel on our trains, do so at their own risk. The railway holds no responsibility for anyone who ignores safety instructions, alights the train whilst in motion, or turning around or generally fails to listen to any member of staff.


We reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time without refund if guests fail to listen to any safety information given, or if they put themselves or any other park user in danger whilst at the railway or on the train.


Any commercial body or company wishing to use the railway for filming or any other form of publicity may have to inform the local authority which is Lambeth Council. Lambeth may request additional documentation in relation to any activities on their property and may possible ask for a fee to do so. Any fee's that the council may ask for is is out of the control of the railway. 

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