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Reopening 5th July 2020 Details

We are planing to reopen the railway on Sunday 5th July 2020 from 11am until 4pm. This is in line with other outdoor attractions reopening that same weekend. However we will be introducing social distancing measures in order to keep our passengers and staff safe.

Please bear with us as it may mean longer waiting times.

  • We will be reducing the seating capacity of our passenger carrying carriages. from 4 to 2 per coach.

  • Passengers will still be allowed to sit together if they are from the same household or social bubble and will be dependant on what rules the Uk government imposes on us at the time.

  • Please queue on the grass opposite the station leaving the standard 2 metres from the next person.

  • Please keep the station and main footpath clear.

  • Between each journey our staff will wipe down and clean all commonly touched surfaces on the train so that it is safe for the next group of passengers to board. Please wait for this to be completed.

  • We don't have the facilities to take card payments so we will be accepting cash, however if you can please pay with the exact change so that we can minimise cash transactions.

  • Face covering will be optional as we are an outdoor venue,however the rules for face coverings in public spaces may change before the 5th July.

Hopefully we can all stay safe and enjoy the Miniature Railway at the same time and hopefully we'll see you on or after the 5th July.

Many thanks


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