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Lambeth Country 2018 Show Update

Lambeth Country Show 2018 - Our opinon

This year we decided to operate at the Lambeth Country show for the first time in years.

With the arrival of our on-track storage container and at the request of the show organisers it was thought that we may be able to operate and without the need to transport the train and carriages through the show ground. However once again, the railway was excluded from the show without any thought to incorporating us into the event.

Last few years we had a wall of diesel generators from the funfair, blocking us from the show and admitting fumes which made it unsafe for our volunteers to operate the train. Not to mention a fence which blocked the railway in and stewards which were actively discouraging members of the public from walking past the railway.

This year as we all know, we had THE WALL????

Therefore we didn’t see any difference this year.

The erecting of the wall made the bottom footpath by the railway desolate with few people walking past, the wall encouraged vandalism which resulted in our new container receiving a graffiti attack which took us several hours to clean at our own expense.

We carried less passengers over the two days then we would normally carry on a typical Sunday despite opening for longer.

The miniature railway is not against the Lambeth Country show; all of us from the railway have been attending and enjoying the show for years, long before the miniature railway was built.

We fully support a FREE, open to all show that benefits the local community.

All that we have been asking for is to be included as a part of the show. We never wanted the funfair gone, just moved to another part of the show. We remember that the charity and community stands used to be placed just opposite from the railway many years ago. We would love to see that layout back.

Therefore until something changes, the miniature railway will not be operating at future country shows and will instead be there for our local park users who enjoy the railway and the amazing park that we find ourselves within.

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